The benefits of buying your bike from Mega Bike:

  • You can tap into over 40 years of experience in selecting the right bike for you FREE of charge
  • You don’t need to assemble your bike, our mechanics will assemble your bike and fit your accessories FREE of charge
  • You’ll always be comfortable and safe, our bike fitters will fit your bike to your body, teach you how to use your bike and coach you in the use of clipless pedals FREE of charge
  • You don’t need to worry about servicing, our mechanics will service your bike for 12 months FREE of charge

A selection of our bikes are now available for online purchase.

However, many of our bikes cannot be sold online due to Australian distribution agreements; they are featured here and available in store so when you see your next bike give us a call or come and visit us.

2018 SCOTT Addict Disc

from $2,699.00

2018 SCOTT E-Scale 920/720


2018 SCOTT Foil Disc

from $4,799.95

2018 SCOTT Foil Premium Disc


2018 SCOTT Metrix

from $1,349.95

2018 SCOTT Scale 730


2018 Scott Spark 700 Tuned


2018 SCOTT Spark 740


Bianchi ARIA

from $3,999.00

Bianchi C-Sport

from $999.00

Bianchi Impulso

from $1,359.00 $1,699.00

Bianchi Impulso AllRoad


Bianchi Infinito CV

from $6,199.00

Bianchi Infinito CV Chorus

$5,995.00 $7,800.00

Bianchi Infinito CV Dama


Bianchi Infinito CV Ultegra

$4,555.00 $6,200.00

Bianchi Infinito CV Ultegra 55

$4,595.00 $6,200.00

Bianchi Infinito CV Ultegra Di2 55

$5,999.00 $7,700.00

Bianchi Infinto CV Athena 59

$4,195.00 $6,400.00

Bianchi Intenso

$3,279.00 $4,099.00

Bianchi Intenso Dama Bianca

from $2,399.00 $2,999.00

Bianchi Intenso Dama Bianca Ultegra 51

$2,995.00 $4,300.00

Bianchi Intenso Disc

$3,799.00 $4,699.00

Bianchi Intrepida Tiagra 54

$1,929.00 $2,299.00