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Specialissima CV

At 780gr*, Bianchi Specialissima frame changes the game in the ultralight frame category thanks to the use of MSC's patented Countervail® integrated vibration cancelling system for cycling, developed for NASA by Materials Sciences Corporation. The Specialissima's Countervail® ultralight carbon formula is specifically tuned to smooth out the inherent nervousness of ultralight frames.


Excellent traction and stability at high speeds makes Bianchi's Specialissima ideal tackling different types of surfaces during fast accelerations and super high-speed corners when maximum power and control are essential.


Countervail® cancels vibration that affect performance and transfers full energy into power. A super fast and reactive climbing machine with unparalleled control and precision in the descents.

Graphics and logos are completely handpainted in Italy. Bianchi offers the possibility to choose the favourite paint scheme from various color options at www.bianchi.com/tavolozza.

Specialissima CV is available as a frame only so you can build your dream bike from the ground up. At Mega Bike we've got a lot of experience creating these dream machines so come and visit when you're ready for your dream bike